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“Children belong to their parents, not the government.”

Tara supports school choice, parental control, more transparency in curriculum, & teaching kids critical thinking instead of mandatory biased media “literacy”.

Karen believes parents should have less control over their kids’ education and students should be told by the government which media to trust.

Voted against Parental Bill of Rights (HB22-1236)
Co-Sponsored Media Literacy Standards (HB21-1103)


“We need more checks & balances on elected & unelected officials.”

Tara supports freedom, choice, & transparency in our everyday lives. From medical decisions, our children, & free speech, Tara trusts you to do what’s right for your family.

Karen not only believes the government should restrict medical freedom, she advocated for endless government mandates, dismissing constituent’s concerned voices.

Voted to allow Medical Discrimination in the Workplace (HB22-1100)


“We need to limit the size & scope of government to curb their ability to tax and & regulate”

Tara also wants to protect property owners, especially those on fixed incomes, from our antiquated property tax valuation process.

Karen co-sponsored a bill that imposed new fees on fuel & deliveries while her progressive leadership killed a bill to lower property taxes for seniors and veterans (SB22-093).

Co-Sponsored Transportation Sustainability (SB21-260)


“Our safety has been compromised by enacting dangerous policies that protect criminals & ignore victims.”

Tara supports putting policies in place that support protecting citizens and work to find solutions to address mental health and drug addiction.

Karen co-sponsored a bill that reduced the consequences for certain crimes including car theft, catalytic converter theft, and other property crimes.

Co-Sponsored Misdemeanor “Reform” (SB21-271)


“Colorado now ranks top in the nation for car theft, bank robberies, fentanyl overdoses, and more.”

Tara will ensure drugs are off our streets & hardened criminals are prosecuted to the fullest extent.

Karen co-sponsored a bill that decriminalized possession of up to 1gram of Fentanyl & other synthetic opiates. This small amount is enough to kill thousands of people.

Co-Sponsored Fentanyl “Accountability” (HB22-1326)

Tara Menza Colorado House District 11 Longmont Republican

meet tara

Mother. activist. defender of liberty

As a passionate advocate for personal liberty, the family, our communities, and our children, I have the leadership necessary to represent HD-11.  My opponent has voted 100% down progressive caucus party lines for legislation that has done nothing but hurt Coloradans.  From higher taxes, more regulation, crime bills that enable drug use and trafficking, and policies that hurt our children and small businesses, I can provide you with an alternative. My priorities are simple: address the rising cost of living, rising crime, and overreach from elected and unelected officials who believe they know what is best for you and your families.

Policy & Issues


Our safety has been compromised by politicians who are simply soft on crime.  Throughout our state, and here in Longmont, crime is skyrocketing. Government’s first priority should be to ensure citizens are safe. 

basic rights

During the pandemic it became clear that elected officials and bureaucrats made all the choices for us and our children. There should be more checks and balances on how much power elected and unelected officials have.  


Businesses have suffered from mandates, taxes, and overregulation. We need a pro-business leader at the statehouse who understands the issues businesses face and will advocate for cutting red tape and getting government out of the way of job creators.


We should have school choice, parental input and more transparency in Colorado state education policy and curriculum. I support a voucher system and more charter schools. Public schools should not be the only choice for parents who believe schools are polluted by agendas that do not support parental involvement. 

colorado house district 11

Longmont, colorado

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