Tara Menza Colorado House District 11 Longmont Republican

November 08, 2022 will be a pivotal time for Colorado and the nation.  This is your opportunity to vote for a change.  It’s time we move away from our individual corners and divisive parties and start joining forces to support common concerns:  Individual choice, safety, and affordability.  With rising crime, rising cost of living, and massive overreach by unelected and elected officials who care only about their power and narrative, we have seen our small businesses destroyed, children’s lives damaged, and rising suicide by our troubled youth.  We need solutions based on pragmatic reality to help turn Colorado around.  

If you listen to my opponent, she tends to paint a rosy picture of how well Colorado is doing.  The truth is, our costs of living and crime are rising due to poor Democrat policies. Crime is rising, due to relaxed and easy on crime legislation and leaders.  Drug trafficking and human trafficking in and through Colorado are the worst in Colorado history.  Children are being used as pawns in a game that for most of us, makes no sense.  We need to protect our families, our communities and ensure we can continue to live here in Colorado.  If you are ready to break free from the local pro quo of standard candidates who all get elected with the same exact political ideology as the last elected candidate, then I’m your woman.  Let’s do it together!