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Tara Menza Colorado House District 11 Longmont Republican


Our safety has been compromised by politicians pushing dangerous legislative policies ensuring criminals are protected and victims remain vulnerable.

From decriminalizing up to 1 gram of fentanyl, enough to kill thousands of people, to releasing serious criminals during COVID19 and passing bills that limit the ability of law enforcement to keep us safe, it is no surprise that Colorado now ranks top in the nation for human trafficking, drug trafficking, car theft, and fentanyl overdoses.

Law enforcement needs support to keep citizens protected, instead, our state government has failed to keep our communities safe.

“My opponent Karen McCormick CO-SPONSORED a Fentanyl "Reform" bill that decriminalized possession of 1 gram of Fentanyl, essentially keeps deadly drugs on the streets, continuing to kill thousands of people including children. I will take crime seriously with the goal of getting drugs off our streets and ensuring hardened criminals are fully prosecuted while seeking solutions to address root causes of rising crime, such as mental health and addiction” -Tara Menza

Tara Menza Colorado House District 11 Longmont Republican


The cost of living has risen at an incredible rate, including our local taxes. We can’t control global supply chains, but we can control local costs.

The Democrat-controlled legislature continues to oppose cost-lowering legislation that will help the people in our state afford essentials such as food and gas. Businesses are inundated with rising taxes and more regulations. We need to limit the overreach and size of our government to keep our cost of living down.

We also need to protect our property owners who are on a fixed income from antiquated property tax valuation processes that make our community unaffordable. Affordability is tied directly to our elected officials and their desire to regulate and tax.

“My opponent Karen McCormick CO-SPONSORED legislation that imposed new fees on fuel purchases, deliveries and rideshare trips, and the progressive leadership killed a bill that would have significantly lowered property taxes for senior citizens and disabled veterans. My legislative fiscal goals will be to help keep costs low for citizens, their families, and local businesses. I will work to ensure homeowners and renters don’t get pushed out of their communities due to regulations and increasing taxes.” -Tara Menza

Tara Menza Colorado House District 11 Longmont Republican

basic rights

During the pandemic, it became clear that elected officials made all the choices for us and our children without input or consent from constituents.

Emergency mandates and orders with no limits were used recklessly and excessively. There needs to be more checks and balances on how much power elected and unelected officials have. The important question of where government authority ends is one of the fundamental differences between my opponent and my rules of good governance.

From our children’s classrooms, our medical freedoms, to free speech, the default should be freedom, choice, and transparency. Our fundamental rights are simply at risk when we yield too much faith and power to our elected representatives. As your elected representative I will provide the information and you can make your own risk assessment about what course of action is best for you, your family, and businesses.

“My opponent Karen McCormick voted AGAINST a bill that would have prevented medical discrimination in the workplace. I will always trust you to know and to do what is right for you and your family. The government should give you the correct information you need to make those choices that are best for you and your family.” -Tara Menza

Tara Menza Colorado House District 11 Longmont Republican


Children belong to their parents, not the government. Public schools need to focus on a quality high standard educational curriculum.

Supporting school choice, homeschool support, parental control, more transparency in Colorado’s state education policy and curriculum, and keeping national lobbyists and unions out of local school board races will ensure confidence that local school boards elect individuals who represent “we the people” and parents of our community, not an agenda.

“My opponent Karen McCormick voted AGAINST the Parental Bill of Rights. We need to reintroduce the Parental Bill of Rights so parental rights are codified in the state law and educational policy, keeping parents at the forefront of their children’s education.” -Tara Menza


The reality is, we cannot discount the cleanest energy source on the planet right here in Colorado. It makes no sense to transport dirty oil and gas into our state when we can use our own until we are able to transition into something that has been designed and proven to be cleaner and more efficient and economical.
I will support developing a parallel energy transition path that doesn’t kill jobs or increase energy prices.  I will focus on realistic energy transition and efficiency improvement technology such as supercapacitors (energy storage for non-continuous energy generation), hydrogen fuel cells, small-scale nuclear reactors, a decentralized grid, and grid infrastructure upgrades. 
I will support and incentivize that research and development to get us to a point where we can transition without killing jobs or creating so much regulation that it drives up the price of energy.

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Paid for by Menza for HD11 • Registered Agent Matthew Menza

Paid for by Menza for HD11 • Registered Agent Matthew Menza